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cherryhill 09:24 AM 04-06-2011
Can I see it? I have someone who wants to interview now but will not start until September.

daycare 09:36 AM 04-06-2011
Originally Posted by cherryhill:
Can I see it? I have someone who wants to interview now but will not start until September.

I have never held a spot for that long, but here is what I have.

The Daycare Deposit Agreement

I_______________________, hereby agree that this deposit of $100.00 is to hold a spot for my child at *** Daycare, owned and operated by***. Should a situation occur and I will no longer need care for my child, I must notify daycare before or on: Thursday, September 9, 2010 by 5:00 PM to receive my deposit back. After said date has passed, I understand that the deposit is completely non-refundable under any circumstances.

I also understand that the Daycare will be turning away business between the below dates to secure my child’s spot.

Daycare agrees to hold an opening for my child from September 6, 2010 until the end of the business day on ,September 13, 2010, which will be the start date for my child at the Daycare and fees will start to occur for the cost of care from this date forward.

If something out of the ordinary were to occur and your spot not be available, the *** daycare will give you a two weeks written notice and refund all payments in full.

**Please note, if you are paying deposit by check, your check will be cashed on the date that this agreement is signed. If funds are not available at the time of cashing, this agreement will be voided.

Parent or Guardian (Print)

_______________________________ ____________________________
Parent or Guardian Signature Date:

_________________________________ ____________________________
cheerfuldom 09:46 AM 04-06-2011
I don't have a strong policy for this, I do it on a case by case basis. I also don't require deposits. Its just never been a problem for me but I can see why someone would do it. I don't have a large group here (4 DC kids plus my kids) and my turnover rate is really small.
momma2girls 10:43 AM 04-07-2011
I lived and learned the hard way on this case. I held a spot for someone for 10 months!! I onlly charged at that time a 2 week deposit. What a HUGE mistake!! One week before she was going to start, she calls and tells me, she found someone who was open 6-6 and she was going to start going there, instead of here!! I couldn't believe it!! Then she had the nerve to ask, do we receive our deposit back. I was so mad!! I told her NO, do you realize I must have turned away 30 babies, and lost over $5,000.00, because of you wanting that spot!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! Til it actually happens to you, you have no idea, of what this means!! I changed my contract instantly to say, if you are wanting me to hold a spot for you, I will be willing to hold it for one week per month payment. I just had a family give me 5 weeks worth, to hold it for 5 months for them!! I really don't know if one week per month, is even sufficient for that long!
Meeko 01:03 PM 04-07-2011
I never hold a spot for more than two weeks (some people have to give notice to a previous provider) but the spot still has to be paid for. If they don't end up coming here, they lose their money.
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