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nancydrew 07:57 AM 08-06-2008
I have read the licensing information for south carolina and its confusing. I cant understand it. To start watching children in your own home, when are you required to get a license? If you are only planning to watch 1 or 2 children, do you need a license? Where do you draw the line between babysitting and daycare?
Michael 08:40 PM 08-06-2008
Family Child Care Home (FCCH)
May provide care for up to six (6) children at any given time within a residence occupied by the operator. Registration is required if a person provides care to more than one unrelated family of children on a regular basis (more than two days a week and more than four hours a day). All applicants must have written approval from their local zoning Board before a permit can be issued. A FCCH must have a working, listed telephone number.
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