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MNmamaOf4 12:58 PM 06-21-2011
I would like to implement a deposit into my PHB, I'm kind of learning as I go, since I'm still in my first year of care. I had a family that I interviewed at the end of April and they wanted to start coming here when school starts in the fall, I just got an e-mail last week from the mom that the are going to look elsewhere for care. Thankfully I didn't have any calls for the spots this family would occupy, but I missed out on a month I could have been advertising, now I'm kicking myself for not having a deposit to hold a spot.

Can someone please help me out with wordring? I had my relicense visit last week and they are changing my classification of my license, so I want to update my PHB and would like to add in a deposit. Also what is a fare amount for the deposit? I live in a VERY small town (less than 200 people), if that makes a difference.
wdmmom 01:45 PM 06-21-2011
I basically have it worded that I only will hold a spot for a maximum of 3 months. I don't start interviewing pregnant women until they are at least 7-9 months pregnant and aren't taking 2-3 months off before the baby will start.

I do this:

If child's start date is within a month, 2 week deposit...applied to last 2 weeks of care.

If child's start date is within 2 months, 3 week deposit...1/3 applied when they start, 2/3 applied to last 2 weeks of care.

If child's start date is within 3 months, 1/2 applied to when they start, 1/2 to last 2 weeks of care.

Because coming up with 3-4 weeks of money might be hard for some families, I spread it out over a month's time.

Also note that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!

The last thing you want is a family securing a deposit and changing their mind again.
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