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organicdclady 02:00 PM 08-31-2015
happy Monday everyone
Over the summer I took on three part time siblings ( all over 2) who are in care three different days per week. Two of whom I pick up from school about 15-20 minutes away from the daycare. They are not on contract, pay a drop in rate and I have been attempting to replace them for a few months. I felt bad at first but then came across an ad dcm posted a few weeks ago looking for in home care. I have a potential dcm who is looking for part time (same days every week) that wants to do a two week trial. I feel they will be a great fit but the part time rate I quoted (before I got another new family) is less than the three other children. It is almost a $100/week difference. While there are many pros to the potential family (not having to pick up, set schedule, two children vs three) I have come to rely on that extra money. Would it be appropriate to present mom with the option to come but only if she pays the full time rate? Is it wrong to go back on the quoted rate I gave, even though it was about a month ago? How would I word that? The other dilemma is the ratio-I can't allow a two week trial or any care without terming the other family. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot but feel confident they will fit in. Thoughts? I know someone recently has been in a similar situation but can't find the thread on it.
Thank you!
organicdclady 02:12 PM 08-31-2015
The other thing I forgot to mention is the 3 kid stay until 8pm when they come. The potential family is looking for care 7:30-3:30. Much more normal hours...I just feel a bit guilty about the whole thing.
Blackcat31 03:02 PM 08-31-2015
If the first family is on a drop in basis, could you not have the available space for a few days to give the ft family a trial run (although a bit shorter than 2 weeks)?

I would have no issues stating that the rate has since been increased since the original quote. Just let them know that the quote you gave was good for then only and now the rate is "x".

If it's not a huge increase for them, I'm sure it will be no big deal but if it's too much for them, then you'll know if it's worth trying them out or not since families that shop based on cost alone are usually not the type of clients I keep long term. I understand needing to fit things into your budget but cost shouldn't be THE deciding factor in my eyes.
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