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Unregistered 01:12 PM 12-28-2008
Hi all...I have a lovely in-home day care provider for my 2 year old - I bring my daughter there four days a week, all day. Circumstances have led to my daughter being the only child at this home day care right now. My provider has mentioned several times that she "just won't know what to do" now that my daughter is the only child there. The provider has said that they will just have to go shopping to fill in the time. I haven't said anything yet, but this really bothers me. I don't feel it is okay for my provider to drive my child around, shopping or otherwise. Do you agree? And if so, what do I say so that I don't insult her? Thanks!
mrs.meg 12:26 PM 12-29-2008
I can honestly see both sides of the story. I know what it is like to be cooped up all day long, which I am now. However, I told the mom of the kids I watch that we may take occasional field trips to the park. She seemed fine with it at first, but now she changed her mind and doesn't want me to take them anywhere. Did she ever mention in the beginning that she would ever go anywhere? I also can see why you would not want her taking her places. I think it depends on what was stated in the beginning. If she was clear that she would need to put her in the car on occasion then she should be able to. But, if she didn't ever mention it, then I think you should be honest and tell her that you don't feel comfortable with that. She needs to know instead of just letting her take the child out and then resenting her for it. Just be up front with her.
HomeSweetHomeDaycare 02:39 PM 12-29-2008
Provider here, I agree with above on what was stated at the beginning. I can see going to the park or to a childrens museum something in that nature. But just to go shopping dont seem very fun of an activity for your child. JMO but I dont think Id care for that to be happening. Maybe you should mention something to the effect of taking her to the park or something that she would enjoy instead of shopping. Let her know that your daughter dont do very good sitting still shopping so maybe she wouldnt want to deal with it.
Unregistered 10:02 AM 12-30-2008
Wow! I dont understand how the provider can AFFORD to go shopping in the first place, unless she does daycare because she just has nothing better to do with her time and does not necessarily need the money. If your daughter is the only child in the daycare, and if as a provider myself I know that 1/2 of what I charge weekly goes right back into the daycare, I just dont see where the shopping funds are coming from. I do take kids out occassionally, but as a provider, I would not want to take the risk of having something happen to the kids if it is not absolutely necessary to take them out. I do have it in my contract that I do need to transport from time to time, but I see your point. Why risk it if you dont have to?
Unregistered 01:11 PM 12-31-2008
Yes, the whole point is that I don't think it is safe to have my child driven around, especially for frivolous things.

As providers, what do you recommend I say to her? I want to be respectful, but I don't want to be a pushover, either. If it was one of your parents, how would you like to hear this kind of news?
Unregistered 10:05 PM 01-05-2009
I am a licensed provider and I do only have one child at this time (outside of my own).
Parents have signed transportation authorization forms because I do preschool drop off for my child but other than that I don't drive them.
Ok...I do drive to go shopping on Fridays and I take the kids with me but its to do grocery shopping for the daycare (next weeks menu) and I try to use that time to teach the children how to behave in a store (easier said than done).
I don't like to drive the children around. I remember having my son in daycare 6 years ago and I hated it when she drove...I was terrified.

I don't think there is going to be an easy way to say it.
She may take it personnally but you have to do what you feel is right.
There are playgrounds and child groups around..maybe if you can find a few play groups you can let her know where it is and tell he that you heard it was a great place for kids to play.
Or maybe tell her you were there and your child really liked it (little white lie) and she may decide to go there instead of shopping.
mrs.meg 09:24 AM 01-06-2009
I guess you could say, Look, I trust you to watch my child, but to be honest, I am uncomfortable with my child being driven around by someone else. I am just afraid something would happen and I wouldn't be there with him/her. I hope you understand.

Maybe you could just tell her that if she needs a day off or needs your child to be picked up early, to let you know if you have family or someone else who could help every now and then.

It might be uncomfortable now matter how you go about it, best of luck to you!
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