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Peaches 12:52 PM 03-13-2014
So I have my first daycare family all set ready to begin monday and then got a call today saying they need to push back the start date a week. When asked if they still need to pay the first agreed upon week I told them not to worry about it and we'll just begin the following week. When I mentioned this to my husband, he said I should have either made them pay or told them I was making an exception, that if I start out not following my contract I'm heading toward trouble. I was just didn't want to rub them the wrong way and back out because I had another family previously back out last minute. I know I can't got back on what I said about the money and I'm ok with that, but is there a way to clarify I'm making an exception and expect the contract to be followed in the future? I know part of this is my learning curve since I' m just starting but I want to make sure to be setting myself up for success.
EntropyControlSpecialist 12:56 PM 03-13-2014
"The contract goes into effect when john begins daycare on March x, 2014. Here is a copy for your records. Please let me know if you have any questions about the policies."
Crazy8 01:53 PM 03-13-2014
I would have done the same thing regarding a new start date and I've been doing this for many years. I would just fill out a new contract with the new start date on it and have them sign it. Did you collect a deposit? For me that is what holds their spot, changing their start date by a week with a logical explaination isn't a big deal for me.
Peaches 02:28 PM 03-13-2014
Thanks for the great advice, I did collect a deposit and will just update the contract with the new start date and get that to them.
lovemykidstoo 02:37 PM 03-13-2014
I've done that before too and it's no biggie. Never been taken advantage of for doing so either. If anything it made the family more appreciative of me because of it. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
daycare 02:44 PM 03-13-2014
I do agree with the others and your husband. After this little set back don't start out with making an exception, that if I start out not following my contract I'm heading toward trouble.

Glad you got great advice here from the others....
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