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My Lil' Monkeys 08:16 AM 02-15-2011
I run my daycare out of my living room (that my family uses at night) and I'm trying to find a way to create a big kid area and then a toddler area. The room isn't that big. Does anyone use a supergate to create two different areas?

I want to be able to pull out hot wheels, legos, and older books for the older group. I have 1 ft and 2 pt infant/toddlers and I want to be able to put easy to wash toys in their area... I'm getting tired of washing tons of play food and everything (and I mean everything she picks up goes in her mouth)

Just wondering if anyone else with a smaller space for dc uses a gate to separate the areas? or any other suggestions?
MommyMuffin 08:39 AM 02-15-2011
I use my living room as well and I have lots of little ones. I used my couch and one corner of the room and used the XL gate to block it off. In the blocked off area I have the babies...swing,boppy,place for floor play.

This change came about last week when I was sitting next to an infant and my 2yo. Well my 2 yo fell on the infant right in front of me and I realized that this just wont do.
SilverSabre25 09:11 AM 02-15-2011
I use a superyard to cordon off areas. It works out pretty well except that the big kids want nothing more in the whole wide world than to come play with baby toys.... It's the most annoying part of my day, lol.
misol 10:04 AM 02-15-2011
I recently made this switch too. I did it about a month ago and it was the best move I ever made. I use my living room and dining room as the main play areas. I use the superyard to cordon off the dining room for the under 2 crowd. I let the babies wander around the house most of the time but they are in their section when the older kid are playing games with pieces or legos, or something else the younger ones will destroy or eat. I usually go over there with them to play various times throughout the day and for short periods of time I will let them out of the area to wander around.

I tell you one thing... it makes washing toys sooooo much easier because you know exactly what's been in their mouths. Before I had to wash all the big kid toys and all the baby toys because I had no clue what the babies had touched and mouthed throughout the day. The constant drool and snot of multiple teething and sick toddlers is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Only problem I have with this set up is the toddlers throw the toys outside of the gate and I have to keep picking them up.

It's plenty of space for the toddlers to play but my husband jokes that it looks like jail.
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