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KEG123 04:05 PM 01-18-2013
So I posted about me and ex-dbf splitting up, I moved out, brought the daycare with me of course. Well after about 2 weeks living here, one daycare girl puts in her notice, going to preschool. I think CRAP! Start advertising. No bites. Then my OTHER daycare boy puts in his notice because HE is going to preschool. I am so seriously effed, it is not funny. I guess I just needed to vent. I put up some flyers today, I have an ad on CL and am listed on numerous daycare websites, and the CCR&R. I feel like things are just crumbling right now for me.
cheerfuldom 04:16 PM 01-18-2013
its totally normally for kids to term in order to go to preschool, please dont take it personally. i know you have a lot going on though so its hard. just keep advertising! good luck.
KEG123 04:22 PM 01-18-2013
Oh I'm not taking it personally at ALL. It's just HORRIBLE timing. Like, I can't rely on xdbf for child support because he didn't work (part of the reason I left) and actually has warrants now for going against a restraining order (among other things) so I'm just stressed to the max. I've got enough to cover rent for Feb, but if I don't get kids in ASAP, I'm going to be hurting, BAD. I called DHS about getting cash assistance but she's not sure how it'll work being self employed, but all I can do is turn in the paperwork, hope I get approved (but not need it) and get some kids in here asap. But yeah. Stressed has been my middle name these past few weeks. And stressed is actually an understatement.
Blackcat31 09:11 AM 01-19-2013
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

Hoping things turn around for you fast!
KEG123 09:52 AM 01-19-2013
So miraculously I got an email last night for someone looking to start asap, like Monday. Normally I'm closed Monday for President's Day, but if it seems like I good fit, I'll enroll. Afterall, I've had the last WEEK off. I'm kinda going a bit stir crazy! I mean, I've got my own munchkins keeping me busy but we've been so relaxed and lazy.

Anywho, keep your fingers crossed!!
e.j. 01:10 PM 01-19-2013
I hope it works out for you. Good luck!
KEG123 02:15 PM 01-19-2013
Well I thought she would have called already, and she's not answering when I call... soooo.. I guess my hope is waning...
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