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Controlled Chaos 12:37 PM 05-23-2016
I took this Friday off to give myself 2 four day weeks in a row and a nice extra long weekend to go on a couples date with DH to vegas! I was just remembering how 2 years ago, closing for vacation meant no pay and me being sick to my stomach over whether I would make ends meet. I remember hesitating to call parents when their kids were sick and not wanting to enforce my sick policy because I wasn't charging a flat rate, just charged when they were present. I used to be so stressed and scared all the time. Now, I am looking forward to this vacation so much and the only thing I am worried about is how bad I should break my diet while out of town. And all those changes I made - all the parents were great about it. My business is in such better shape now! DCFs are happy I am taking a break and having some time with DH. 3 of them even made sure I didn't need a puppy sitter!

Do you ever have those moments? Where you look around and think "I may not be there yet, but I have come so far!" ?
AmyKidsCo 08:18 PM 05-23-2016

It's a great feeling, isn't it?!
Mandy 08:39 PM 05-23-2016
I think all of us have had these moments . We look back at what we use to do and then we embrace what we are doing now
Josiegirl 03:24 AM 05-24-2016
Oh I'm happy for you!!! It sounds like I made similar changes to you because now I can also enjoy PTO without stressing over no pay. ONE of the best things I ever did. I do always feel a twinge of guilt but dang, providers need time off as much, or even MORE, than the average Joe. And my parents are great with it too.

childcaremom 04:08 AM 05-24-2016
Good for you!

I used to never take days off unless it was absolutely necessary for fear of inconveniencing my daycare parents.

I have this Friday off for my son's prom.

I am taking another day off in June for his grad.

Now granted, I probably would have taken these off anyways but would have worried about parents' reactions. As it is, I'm counting the hours until Thursday at close.
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