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kitkat 08:33 AM 01-07-2011
Please bear with me on this one! I just feel so unsure of myself. Please tell me your thoughts on potty training readiness for these two kids.

1. Dcg will be 3 mid-March. Dcm started potty training over Christmas break. This week I've been taking her every hour or so. For the most part she's dry, but if it's over an hour, she's wet and doesn't say anything. She's in a pull up. Today I let her wear underwear under the pull up. She went about an hour and half dry, then was wet after an hour and 15 minutes and never said anything. So I guess I'm going back to every hour, but sometimes she just goes a tiny bit, so it seems like she should be able to hold it longer than an hour. She also stares at me blankly when I take her like she has no idea what she should do, but if I don't go in with her, she does what she's suppose to. How long do I let this continue? Do you think she's ready?

2. DD will be 2.5 mid-March. For the last few weeks she's been screaming, "I'm going potty! I'm going potty!" When I say scream, I mean like, "Ahhhhhh I'm going potty in my diaper oh no!" At night she'll come out of her room screaming she's going potty. When she says she's going, she really is each time, it's never been a false alarm. I've started to potty train her. I figured if I'm doing dcg, I might as well try DD. I wasn't originally going to start her now b/c I'm due with baby #3 in 53 days, but she seems ready? She's wet sometimes when I take her, but I usually wait for her to say she's going potty then take her (she won't go potty if you just put her on every x minutes). When she says she's going potty, I'll tell her to stop, she'll stop, run to the bathroom and go. Sometimes she'll tell me she's going, stop on her own, and then head to the bathroom. Do you think she's ready? What should I do when she comes out of her room at night b/c she's going potty (those times she's already gone)? Should I change her or just send her back to bed? With the baby being here in less than 2 months, I just can't imagine being up all night between the baby and DD saying she went potty.

Usually I think a kid is ready when they can go 2 hours dry, wake up from nap dry, or can tell you they are going (like DD is). It's not a big deal to me if DD is trained before the baby is here. I figured there would be regression after the baby arrived and I'm not sure if I want to deal with that. But the I'm going potty scream gets a bit old. I can't believe how indecisive I am about this whole thing! I'm just going to blame it on the hormones I know potty training can be a hot topic, so I'm looking forward to everyone's thoughts!
kidkair 08:47 AM 01-07-2011
Sounds to me like both are ready.
#1: I think she just needs more experience so I'd keep taking her every hour. If she knows what to do without you in the room than let her be in there alone and tell her to let you know when she needs help.

#2: If you encourage her now and get her trained now there is a possiblity she won't regress once sibling is born so I would go for it. At night I'd treat it the exact same as during the day. I'd even take the weekend and put her in real undies especially if she can get them down by herself. Keep her in diapers at night so you don't have to change sheets too many times. When they are this ready for it you should take advantage of it because if you let it slide you may have a much harder time down the road.

I just helped potty train a 22 month old. She could go every time we sat her on the potty and told us every so often. We asked if she wanted to be a big girl and wear underpants and use the potty all the time. She said yes. So that's what she got. It took a week of going about every hour for her to really understand but in about 3 weeks she was accident free day and night. She's two now and still has occational accidents expecially when routines are different but has no sign of regression. I should note the first two weeks of training her mom had just left town and they had a lot of different things going on in December that could have caused regression. She wanted to do it and that is the best time to teach.
Live and Learn 08:57 AM 01-07-2011
DD is more ready than dck.
I would keep doing what you are doing with dd until this weekend. Put her in panties with no pants....crank up the heat in the she doesn't have the hassle of pants. Then go to elastic waste band pants when daycare kids come back on Monday. Your dear daughter is almost there!!! I have never had one of my own children "regress"...after all you have 2 months and she is almost trained already. Good for her!!
kitkat 09:23 AM 01-07-2011
I know I'll sound a bit like a hypocrit, but DD is in underwear (for the most part) even with dck here. She'll start in an easy up diaper til we drop DS off at school, but then it's undies without pants. Since she can tell me when she's going to go and can stop it, I trust her in undies. I wouldn't dream of letting dcg in just underwear. Dck have to be 2 weeks accident free in order to get that priviledge.
Live and Learn 12:13 PM 01-07-2011
You aren't a hypocrit ....dck isn't telling you before hand and can only hold it for 1 hour. Dck would be in diapers here.
When dd screams like a screech owl tell her thank you for telling you but her screaming hurts your ears. "Say big girls don't scream when they need to go potty.....does mommy scream? No!...does Gramma scream? No! Does auntie scream? NO! DD please use your inside voice next time."...don't be too harsh though because SHE IS TELLING YOU!
What a good girl....good luck!
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