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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Non-Battery, Non-Flashy Lights Alternative to a Plastic Activity Table?
SunflowerMama 04:31 PM 08-21-2012
So I have 3 infants 6 months - 9 months and all but one are crawling and starting to pull up.

I really try to avoid plastic toys that require batteries but for this age it's so hard. I ended up getting a couple of exersaucers for when I'm preparing meals but I'd really like to get them some sort of activity table to pull up on.

Right now I have the Ikea trofast storage and they pull up on that in the playroom and then the couch, etc. but I'd like something I could put safely in the middle of the playroom. It's the falling from the pulling up that worries me and I have hardwood floors so pulling up on the furniture makes me nervous.

Does anyone have any non-plastic alternatives to the basic infant activity table??
SilverSabre25 04:32 PM 08-21-2012
One of these
SunflowerMama 04:55 PM 08-21-2012
Originally Posted by SilverSabre25:
One of these
I have one but I think it's just too short. I need to just get a larger one. They try to pull up on it and they always pull it over.
youretooloud 05:05 PM 08-21-2012
I bought a bunch of these on Ebay, and attached them to a baby gate at the laundry room door, and to the diaper changer.

Or these, but you'd need a way to keep it secured to the table. Ours is slid between two bars and leaning against something behind it. It comes out easily, but the babies just stand in front of it and open and close the little doors.

Maybe buy a small used wooden end table and attach some things to it to make it an activity table?
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