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Christian Mother 09:55 PM 11-17-2011
Ok, one of my moms is going to start making her own baby food to bring to daycare. I am totally excited about this!! I have a mixer and haven't used it once...I know...I'm horrible...

I would love to get some ideals on the early first stages of baby food. Do you start at 6mos and what would be the first initial foods. Also, how do you store it. Do you make it nightly or weekly? I just really love the ideal of organic baby food made fresh from my home!!
Rachel 01:09 AM 11-22-2011
I make baby food.

Fruit I do raw in a food processor. I usually put in a banana, and then 2 other fruits.

For meat I do chicken soup with veggies. Cook a whole chicken with veggies, take parts out and blend with stick blender.

I usually store it in the freezer in baby food jars (ask parents for donations). You can also store it in an ice cube tray and pop them out into a zip lock bag. I just like the jars because then I can sit the jar in warm water to heat it and serve.
Rachel 01:10 AM 11-22-2011
Oh, and I don't freeze fruit, only the veggies & chicken. Fruit I do fresh every day or 2 (yes, it turns a bit brown in the fridge, doesn't bother the kids in the least).
SilverSabre25 07:19 AM 11-22-2011
You can check out the book "Super Baby Food" for ideas.

My DS is going to be having his first itty bitty tastes of food on Thursday--some sweet potato and probably some mashed potato. He's been interested for awhile now and I think he'll enjoy the sensory experience.

I'm not giving him ANY grains or dairy for a long, LONG time yet though. No rice cereal for him, nosiree.
mommiesherie 07:45 AM 11-22-2011
I made my own baby food also. Did the same with freezing in ice cube trays. Works great! I did keep out what would last a few days in fridge. I just used blender. I felt really good about feeding it to my kids
Ariana 10:42 AM 11-22-2011
This is a good site and a handheld mixer works really well. I still puree my spaghetti sauce this way for lunch.
renodeb 12:36 PM 11-22-2011
I make baby food. Usually weekly. I have a great blender. I even cooked up a little whole grain rice then blended it until smooth. Thats typically the first food usually around 6 mos. sometimes older. You can blend most anything. I did chicken and noodles, I used the ice cube tray method which worked for me. I started with the dark colored veges and worked my way down to the light colored ones then to the fruits. Apple sauce is a good first food. I did one new food a week incase of reactions.
Christian Mother 05:37 PM 11-22-2011
Thank you!! These are all great suggestions!! She just turned 5 months and we started on rice cereal right now. Only 2 oz and the rest just milk for her. She is loving it!! Sleeps a lot better also for her afternoon nap!! Can't wait til she's 6mos. Mom's going to make her own food and bring it here but I would love to help out and also learn so that when the newest baby comes when he's 5 months I'll know what to do.
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