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NaptimesMyFav 11:06 AM 03-04-2015
I've been doing home daycare for not quite a year but I'm figuring out it's not for me. Now we are expecting our third child in July and I've been thinking I will stick it out til then, and after the baby comes close. I was just wondering how you guys think is the best way to go about notifying families. I was already planning on taking six weeks off for maternity leave and am going to let them know when I schedule my c section around 30 weeks. They will be responsible for finding care during that time. I've also been thinking that beginning in june I will probably close on Fridays for the last 5 or 6 weeks because dr appointments will be getting more frequent by then and I usually only have on. Friday anyway. I was wondering if it would be ok to wait and tell them the week before I go on maternity leave to let them know I won't be opening back up. They will already have six weeks worth of care arrangements made and will have plenty of time to find permanent care for after that. Just wondering what you all thought?
Unregistered 12:34 PM 03-04-2015
I would wait to tell them until about 6 weeks before you want to close and can handle the income loss. If you tell them too soon, they will look for care right away and you may lose out on income sooner than expected. I think 6 weeks is fair and since you planned to take a maternity leave, you can plan it so the 6 weeks ends right when you go on leave, so they can spend that time looking for new childcare.
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