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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How did your little ones handle you closing?
Unregistered 08:45 AM 06-08-2015
Openings have come up at a legitimate work from home company in my area, I worked there many years ago and am really hoping to get back in. If I do, I will be closing my daycare. I will love having the freedom to leave my house , make appointments during the day, not have to deal with all the licensing paperwork, and focus more on my child.

If this doesn't pan out, I'm strongly considering returning to my previous employer (I still work there one or two weekends a month) which would also result in me closing. I really don't think this is the career for me, I hate the long hours, not being able to give my daughter the attention she needs, giving up my family time in the evenings and weekends having to do daycare work/shopping. I fell like even working full time, I was able to "see" her more when I worked at my last job and I was way less stressed. We want another baby and I cannot imagine trying to run a daycare with my own infant.

If you worked outside the home before you started daycare and then retuned to work, how did your little ones handle the adjustment? My child's old daycare may have an opening so I might be able to get them back in there.

Please send good vibes I get a call from the work at home place, thank you!
Shell 10:49 AM 06-08-2015
No real advice, but I kinda feel the same way lately.

Sounds like this could be a good move for you. I would suggest keeping it upbeat and your daughter could be excited about making new friends and going to "school".

Best wishes!
Stephnrich 11:30 AM 06-08-2015
No advice either, other than to say I'm feeling the same way. How'd you come across a legitimate work at home company, btw? Hoping everything's turns out great!
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