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JaydensMommy 11:29 AM 08-03-2011
Ok, so my first time cleaning up throwup, thank goodness it was in a high chair in the kitchen. So I called mom 20 minutes ago, no answer, no call back yet. I want her to come get both of her children asap. How long do you wait before calling the next emergency contact??
Cat Herder 11:34 AM 08-03-2011
I would continue to call her every 10 minutes. After 3 attempts then call Dad...

After 3 attempts at Dad.... move on to emergency contacts.

NOBODY can argue with you having waited an hour before calling family members/friends/neighbors...

In all honesty, there should NEVER be a time where a parent is unreachable so I would also hold a conference to remedy the issue if this goes on much longer.
JaydensMommy 11:35 AM 08-03-2011
Military family so dad is gone. I will to try to wait an hour before calling Grandma.
jojosmommy 11:37 AM 08-03-2011
Text? Work number?

Do you have in your policy your extra charge for watching sick kids? After how long does that start? I have they need to be gone within 1 hour (from incident-not when mom answers) or I charge $10/hour to watch sick kids. I also leave a message stating that I intend to call emergency contacts.
Cat Herder 11:39 AM 08-03-2011
Originally Posted by JaydensMommy:
Military family so dad is gone. I will to try to wait an hour before calling Grandma.
Oh, well I am a wife of former 3rd I am much more lenient with this.

I would then give her up to the full hour before you call from the list, just like you would if he were home. Just all 6 calls would be to her....

THEN move on to family.

Does this child have any other symptoms? Is this the first time he/she vomited?
JaydensMommy 11:42 AM 08-03-2011
No, I don't have an extra charge for sick kids because I don't want to watch them at all. I just state they have to be picked up immediately, maybe I need to be more specific in my contract. i tried moms cell and the house number, she is supposed to be home packing..
sharlan 11:43 AM 08-03-2011
Has the child vomited again? Is he/she showing any other signs of illness?
JaydensMommy 11:46 AM 08-03-2011
She's a really good baby, she rarely cries, but today she was like extra quiet and calm, I just thought she was tired. At snack time she didn't want her snack and she started drinking her juice. Then she just threw up once, twice and one more time, she was completely drenched. I had to take her and rinse her off completely.
JaydensMommy 11:47 AM 08-03-2011
Ok, mom finally answered, said she will come get her. Thanks everyone!!
sharlan 11:48 AM 08-03-2011
Poor baby.

All you can do is keep calling Mom. Obviously Dad can't make it in time.
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