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topwalt 01:25 AM 09-15-2011
Hello everyone! I live in Salt Lake City, UT. I am a stay at home mom and want to keep it that way! I currently babysit one toddler now but I am thinking of adding more kids, advertising and getting a part time helper. So I hope I can find some good information about all of this. I am mostly concerned on if I need a license or not.... if I need to register my business.

Any direction as to where to start for UT would be great!

Can't wait to see more on this site!
Cat Herder 10:25 AM 09-15-2011

I love Utahs website!! It is easy to understand AND they seem to be a great State to work in. I am jealose.....

Licensed Family Childcare:
C 1 caregiver for 8 children including no more than 2 children
under age 2; OR
1 caregiver for 6 children including no more than 3 children
under age 2; OR,
2 caregivers for 9-16 children including no more than 4
children under age 2.
C Providers' children age 3 and under count in the ratios.
C City or County requirements may allow fewer children in care
than Child Care Licensing rules. Providers are required to
follow the most strict requirements.;

Group Size with Providers' Related Children Ages 4-12:
C With 1 caregiver: maximum of 12 children through age 12
present in the home during care hours. (8 children in care,
plus 4 providers' related children ages 4-12. Or fewer than 8
children in care, if the provider has more than 4 related
children ages 4-12.)
C With 2 caregivers: maximum of 24 children through age 12
present in the home during care hours. (16 children in care,
plus 8 providers' related children ages 4-12. Or fewer than 16
children in care, if the providers have more than 8 related
children ages 4-12.)

Written Policy & Plan Requirements:
C Written Policies & Procedures
C Emergency & Disaster Plan
C Templates for both are provided by Child Care Licensing*мл

C 20 hours of training is required annually, 10 of which must be
C Specific training topics are required.

First Aid Supplies:
C Required in the home and in any vehicle used to transport
children in care.

Outdoor Play Equipment:
C May not be placed on a hard surface, such as cement,
asphalt or concrete, and must have a 3 foot use zone.=0

From the Department of Workforce Services:
C State funded child care reimbursements are paid to parents
at a higher rate.
C Start up grants may be available through Child Care
Resource & Referral.
C Providers are eligible for the annual Training & Longevity
wage supplement through the Office of Child Care.pTYLe92

R430-8-8. Care in the Home of the Provider.
(1) A license or certificate is not required for care provided in the home of the provider for less than four
hours per day, or for fewer than five children in the home at one time
(2) The Department does not issue licenses or certificates for care provided in the home of the provider
on a sporadic basis only.
Blackcat31 10:42 AM 09-15-2011
topwalt 11:56 AM 09-15-2011
Thank you for the welcome!

I would prefer not to do a license. I was thinking 5 kids... now you said under 5 kids you don't need a license. Is that 5 kids total or once you hit 5 you have to get a license?
Gigi 07:46 AM 09-26-2011
Hi there! Congratulations!

You definitely made the right choice joining daycare forums.

Not sure about your last question though, since I am not familiar withe Utah's system...
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