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Christian Mother 03:32 PM 11-04-2011
If my husband wanted to stay home with me and do daycare unlic. is that legal. I thought AZ law only allowed (me) to run a unlic. daycare permitting 4 income children plus my 2 children with out being lic. If my husband decided to do daycare with me that would allow 4 more income children...which makes 8. Could I do this legally in AZ or do I have to be lic. to do that with 2 adults? Sorry if I worded this wrong. We where just talking about it as some of you wonderful ladies mentioned it but I wasn't sure....
Michael 03:46 PM 11-04-2011

R9-5-404. Staff-to-Children Ratios
A licensee shall ensure that at least the following staff-to-children ratios are maintained at all times when providing child care services to enrolled children:
Age Group Staff: Children
Infants 1:5 or 2:11
1-year-old children 1:6 or 2:13
2-year-old children 1:8
3-year-old children 1:13
4-year-old children 1:15
5-year-old children not school-age 1:20
School-age children 1:20
A licensee shall:
1. Determine and maintain the required staff-to-children ratio for each group of enrolled children based on the age of the youngest child in the group;
2. Allow a volunteer qualified as a director, teacher-caregiver, or a assistant-teacher caregiver to be counted as staff in staff-to-children ratios; and
3. Not allow a student-aide or an individual qualified as a teacher-caregiver-aide to be counted as staff in staff-to-children ratios.

Christian Mother 07:19 PM 11-04-2011
Thanks Michael!! I am going to copy this for my records!!

Now this is for Licensee and I am not licensed. I must have baby brain bc I still don't understand LOL!!

What would the guidelines be for unlicensed daycare in AZ? What would the ratio be does anyone know.
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