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SunflowerMama 04:11 PM 04-29-2010
What do you tell parents when you ask for their past/current provider's contact information.

I have a 2nd interview in an hour and at our last one she asked for 4 references and asked each a crazy amount of questions and I got the vibe that mom could be very needy.

She mentioned she was leaving current provider b/c she wasn't happy with the care and that provider's eldest daughter was playing on the computer while her son was there but didn't mention much else. I would really like to contact her current provider and get the lowdown on this family.

I know when I ask for her provider's info she'll want to know why. What do I tell her? "Well I want to just double check you're not as looney as I'm suspecting".

Please help...she and her husband are on their way to my house .
fctjc1979 04:15 PM 04-29-2010
I'd probably just tell her that it is standard procedure and that you always require this information. If she gets too paranoid about it, she probably knows they won't speak to kindly of her.
melskids 05:05 PM 04-29-2010
kind of off topic, and not much help, but.....

she was upset because the providers daughter was on the computer in front of her child? for real?!!?!??!?!

unless they were looking at inappropriate material, its really none of her concern. maybe the daughter was doing homework.

my kids are on the computer all the time, playing completely appropriate educational games or doing research.

she sounds way too high maintenance for me....i would run!!!!!
jen 06:06 PM 04-29-2010
I was thinking the same thing about the computer! My kids use the computer too!
kiddieshack 08:42 PM 04-29-2010
I would just say that on the 2nd interview u usually ask for ref's yourself because aren't we as providers interviewing the parent as much as they are interviewing us?
originalkat 08:49 PM 04-29-2010
No, I do not usually ask for past references. If I feel that iffy about a family then I just dont take them.
But in your case I think I would. She sounds like she could be a pain! The provider could give some insight into what the problem is. But obviously you already had the how did it go? Did you get the info? Did you call the other provider?? I am so curious.
Carole's Daycare 08:54 PM 04-29-2010
I asked once- a family I had bad vibes from that complained a lot about other daycares- some of whom I was familiar with and had a good reputation. I'm glad I did- that family's 4 yr old still pooped his pants daily, the mom blamed his previous daycares, yet was in an all-fired hurry to get him diagnosed w ADHD and on meds
SunflowerMama 06:16 AM 04-30-2010
The interview pretty much solidified that I will not be taking them. This was a meeting for the father to meet me and he was extrememly intimidating and very agressive and pushy with his questions (asking about neighborhood I have any control, asking about my doors and if I should consider additional lock mechanisms, asking his wife, in front of me, how competitive my rates are with their current provider , etc.).

This was the kicker for me. Ok so I have 5 kids (dck and mine). One is 18mth girl and the rest are between 3 and 3 1/2. My only boy is 3 1/2 (sweetheart) and their son is 2 1/2. Dad said his main concern was that there wasn't another boy within a month or 2 of his sons age. What?!?! Really?!?! He was afraid his son would see the older boy doing things he couldn't do an would be discouraged. I tried to explain to him that it's a great way for the younger ones to actually excel and learn more watching the old ones (and it's not like he's 2 or 3 years's less than a year) and that my 2 girls are less than 6 months older than his son but dad was still concerned. Good luck finding that in a home childcare setting.

So b/c dad was so intimidating and I knew he would be all over me if I asked, I emailed mom when they left for her current provider info. I also let them know I was interviewing another family for the spot today (I don't have an interview set up but have been talking to a few people). She is usually very fast replying to emails but I haven't heard back from her yet. I cannot wait to talk to this provider.

Mom is ok but does ask 50 questions but there is no way I want to be in a situation where I have to deal with Dad. After I talk to their provider and when I tell mom I don't think it'll be a good fit I may just be honest and say her husband (he didn't have a ring though and when she talked about him in the 1st interview it was they weren't together) is just too intimidating and I wouldn't feel comfortable.
MarinaVanessa 09:00 AM 04-30-2010
I came in a little late on this conversation but I just wanted to add that if you don't already ask for references of past DC providers you should really think about starting that now. I do it as a safety net. Let's say you get a family to interview and they say everything right and that everything is great but they don't like the other DC fit. They give you a reasonable excuse as to why they are looking for care (parent & provider have an overall difference of opinion, too much tv time, a child hits, all other kids are WAY younger or WAY older etc), they tell you that they need to start care soon because they already gave notice at the other DC and overall you feel good about them. You call the other DC anyway and that provider has no idea that family was leaving and they are backed up in payments. Happened to me.

I think it's good practice to check past and current providers just to be safe.

Sounds to me like you already made your decision and like you just dodged a bullet. I'm curious to see if mom replies back with the info or not and what she says when you tell her you won't be taking them in. I have to admit that I don't know if I'd have the gulls to tell them straight out. I always use the same generic line "I just don't think that the daycare and your child are a good fit and I am unable to meet your families needs."
melskids 10:38 AM 04-30-2010
i'm curious too...please keep us updated!!!!!
SunflowerMama 11:09 AM 04-30-2010
After a reminder email she sent her providers name and email. I emailed her. I also checked out any info I could find on her online and looks like she has a great program (kindermusik, mother goose, an exercise teacher twice a week) so I'll be interested to see what she says about them and if she knows they are looking. I guess if mom gave me the info the provider must be aware but who knows. Just waiting on a response from the provider.
TGT09 11:15 AM 04-30-2010
I have a spot on my contract that asks for the current provider's name and number. I've never called but I like that I have it in case I start to get a bad feeling.

If they are calling to check up on me (which is understandable) then I don't feel guilty calling to check up on them.
SunflowerMama 01:14 PM 04-30-2010

So I just spoke with their current provider. She said they are super high maintenance and she gave them a 2wk term notice back on the 12th of April and she still hasn't been able to find care.

I emailed the mom and told her I wished them the best in their search but that I don't think this is the best daycare for her son or her family.

I know she is going to be upset b/c she is desperate to find care but I just know it would be a bad, bad fit.
Vesta 01:45 PM 04-30-2010
better than television
glad it worked out in your favor
unreasonably glad
nannyde 02:06 PM 04-30-2010
Originally Posted by twinmama:
Dad said his main concern was that there wasn't another boy within a month or 2 of his sons age. What?!?! Really?!?! He was afraid his son would see the older boy doing things he couldn't do an would be discouraged.

I would have told that Dad that I believed him that his son was SO sensitive at such a young age and it was obvious that he needs a special "theraputic" environment. You are just a regular ole home day care and couldn't accomodate his son's special needs.
MsKara 07:30 PM 04-30-2010
Now that was fun and entertaining to follow. Way to Go! Glad you didn't take them!
MarinaVanessa 08:09 PM 05-01-2010
Yes I must say it was entertaining. I'm also glad for you that you didn't take them. Who knows, maybe it'll make them think twice about what they are asking of their daycare provider. Save the next provider from a horrible and painful torture lol. Hope you fill your spot soon.
Daycare Mommy 04:20 AM 05-02-2010
Vesta's right. it is better than television. Since they cancelled Guiding Light I have really missed all the drama. Very very happy that you dodged this bullet.
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