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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Great Day Outside Today! (Highly Suggest Doing The Same!)
Christina72684 07:40 PM 07-11-2011
I'm the one who started the thread about the sucky first month of being opened (which totally got off topic but that's fine). The 5yr old boy I have wears me out! He's the only full time kid I have and wants me to play with him all the time. Most of the time he will eventually play by himself or with the PT boy we have. He's a good kid but wants to play with my 3month old daughter and get in her face and touch her (another topic I've already posted about) and he means well but bothers me.

Today we had a heat advisory but he wanted to go outside so bad and play in the new sprinkler we have. I got it from Walmart and it shoots out water from the top and 4 little plastic balls that spin around this plastic thing and then go out the top with the water. So I changed into some old clothes because I figured I'd get wet setting this thing up for the first time. I planned on just setting it up and letting him play and do whatever he wanted in the water. Of course I got wetter than I planned setting it up, but didn't care.

Here's my suggestion: Put on a bathing suit or some old clothes, buy or make some sort of water sprinkler thing, and play with your kids! I had a BLAST playing in the water and he did too! We were soaked after 15 minutes and laughing the whole time! Yea it was extremely hot out, but we didn't notice because we were so wet and having so much fun! I know we are there to watch the kids, teach them things, and not just to be there babysitter or play friend but sometimes you just gotta let lose and have fun!
heyhun77 05:40 AM 07-12-2011
I play with the kids all the time. There are 8 of them typically here at a time so I end up playing with small groups sometimes but I'm right there in the moment building towers, racing cars, playing tag, building a sandcastle, reading, playing house with the dolls, cooking in the play kitchen (or usually I'm the customer), doing art, ect. It's all the best parts of my days. I hate the time that I have to take care of business like prepping food, cleaning up, doing paperwork and planning ahead. I do most of that during naptime and evenings/weekends.
Michelle 08:48 AM 07-12-2011
We do some sort of water play every day.
We have water balloon fights, we have a 3 lane water slide, kayak at the beach( mothers beach)
We do sprinklers and go to the water fountains.
Without water play, we would all be grumpy!
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