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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Why Do I Do This To Myself?
SilverSabre25 08:24 AM 11-16-2011
They were playing so nicely that I decided to give the play room a really good cleaning...which led to deciding to rearrange the playroom.

And now, they're insane. I just moved a couple pieces of furniture around...why does this make them think that they need to go bonkers?!
Unregistered 11:01 AM 11-16-2011
I can so relate, everytime I decide to shift stuff, they come over, want to get into stuff, or decide they want to be picked up! Feels good to reaarange though doesn't it, I love to change my space around, just have learned to do at the end of the day with only a couple left. Enjoy your "new" space
Sugar Magnolia 01:09 PM 11-16-2011
Its a temporary bonkers! Lol! They'll be back on track tomorrow!
SilverSabre25 01:16 PM 11-16-2011
haha, I hope so.

I actually turned into a useful bonkers, because after I posted this I sat back and watched them closely, and realized that the set-up was NOT going to work. Something about it...I dunno, it was just nuts. So I moved things and even though it's still chaotic (I'm not done, lol) they calmed WAAAAY down.

Weird, but useful. They ended up playing harder and more usefully than they have for weeks--ever since I started feeling like our old set-up wasn't working.

This way I also have more baby space. Win!
Tags:consistency, routine
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