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Mom2TLE 02:33 PM 04-08-2014
Dcm has the next 8 weekdays of so tomorrow through next Friiday. She has 2kids here with me 10 hours a day. When I asked what her plans were she told me she plans to bring them their regular scheduled 10 hour days since the speech therapist said that things need to be consistent. Grrrrr he is one of my "challenging" boys and I was secretly hoping for a break. When you're poor and single and don't work what can you do without your kids for 8 days? I think I want to encourage her to pick up after lunch everyday. Should I? Or should I just suck it up and face that some moms don't care. They are here 7-5 with her off I know she is going to let them sleep in and I know she'll be late and throw off my schedule with nap. He already is a horrible napper.
grandmom 03:34 PM 04-08-2014
If she's poor, is she state funded? If so, she may not be able to bring them if she isn't WORKING.

If she's paying, then just suck it up and take the kids. They will probably have more fun with you anyway.
KIDZRMYBIZ 03:36 PM 04-08-2014
I would reiterate to her that the only way group care can be successful is with schedules and consistency. I would tell her that the kids must be here by 7:00am or not at all. Do not apologize for it, and be ready to enforce it. And do not feel one bit bad about it! The only reason she will bring them when she is not at her job is because she knows kids are hard work. No way should she be allowed to make an already difficult job (yours) 8even more difficult!!
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