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mommiesherie 08:45 AM 11-23-2011
After many months with the "gifted" child this morning I'm feeling maybe a small break through. His mother warned me when they came in that he has been really bad before they got here. She pretty much went off to work and said good luck with him today. Ugh!!!!!!!! So I laid down the rules right off the bat. Everyone else was still sleeping. My other two go back to bed because they get here soooo early. I gave him activities to keep him busy and let him know that his behavior WILL be different here. He is NOT going to behave like he did at home. So far so good. Keeping my fingers crossed. He has also pooped in potty. He kept passing gas and I said go sit on the potty for a few minutes. This is normally a huge fight but I always win it. Yesterday I posted that for the first time he pooped with no screaming. (He goes weeks without pooping because he don't want to) today he complained but no major melt down. Then he pooped again no screaming. Wow!! I don't know what to think. A small step in right direction though. I know you all get tired of my constant vent and questions about this child.
DaycareMom 09:51 AM 11-23-2011
Yeah! Progress is progess! Good job!

Vent all you want! That's what we are here for.
Heidi 10:20 AM 11-23-2011
Vent all you need to here! We will listen!

As for little man..."you did AWESOME today, little man! (ok, you did awesome this morning, little man). Then repeat with any and every opportunity.

I would also suggest that if he has a few good days, you and he have a few minutes of alone time. Maybe at the end of a nap time, you can wake him up early and have a cocoa together, or he can be your helper with something? "

Gosh, little man, you have been having such a great week, I think we should do something special." Or, put a little suprise in his coat pocket with a note at the end of a good day (a matchbox car or a treat, whatever would make him feel good).
A little love note that says "you are awsome".

My 4yo that was a terror has gotten SO much better since I've asked him to help me a lot. It makes him feel so important (he's usually the lunch helper).
Ariana 04:20 PM 11-23-2011
I would try being specific about your praise as well. It really works well. Be descriptive of what he is doing and how what he's doing makes you feel. "I really like how you walked to the potty by yourself and didn't argue with me about it (descriptive), it makes me feel happy when we don't argue"(feelings). Kids know when you're giving fake praise like "good job" so be specific and he'll know you're proud of him
safechner 12:34 AM 11-24-2011
That is awesome!! Some things, I want to tell you. It is not good to hold poop too long for that boy but I suggest to get him on miralax that he cannot hold poop. My daughter will hold for weeks so I put her on Miralax per day that is what Dr said.
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