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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>When Applying For Licensing, Who Determines If It Is A "Facility" Or Home Child Care?
rjc9558 11:03 PM 09-08-2007
My friend and I are wanting to start a child care/daycare business. On my property (1 and 1/2 acres) there are 2 residences. The one my family lives in is a 2-story home, and the other residence is a triple-wide mobile home that sits empty. My confusion lies in what type of licensing to apply for! According to what I have read, "home day care" seems to apply to caring for children in your actual residence. While we would not be doing this, the building that we would be conducting our business in is also a "residence", and it is in a residential area. The square footage of the mobile is 2,100 square feet including the covered porch--large enough to care for more than the max number they say is allowed for home day care> we would much rather be considered a child care "center" as although the initial cost of fees and licensing and insurance is higher I believe that we would have more flexibility as to the number of children we could care for. I am starting to babble and I apologize for that! I guess what I need to know is who would I contact to determine how we should apply? I told you I was confused!!!!

Thanks for your time and I am sure that I will be picking all of your brains in the very near future!!!

Best regards!!

Megan 11:47 PM 09-08-2007
You did not mention what state you reside in. Suggest contact your state's licensing agency at
munchkinsmom 10:21 AM 09-18-2007
I think that the form of daycare you would be providing would fall under "group home care", in order to be a Child care Center you must have a program director on staff, or at least in the state of Kansas you do. A program director must have several college hours and oversee all operations. Hope that is helpful
Unregistered 09:34 AM 09-19-2007
I am in Michigan and you must live in the building in order to be a home daycare of any kind including a group daycare. You are considered a center for any building you do not live in.
Unregistered 02:30 PM 12-20-2007
The square footage of the house or usage of space will also decide, whether or not family or group day care will be allowed. You also need to determine, which is more benefical. Just from experience, if you start as Family child care, there will not be as many rules and regulations to follow. Labor & Industry will need to inspect regardless. Check w/ your local authorities for different codes.

In PA you need 45 square foot per child. These spaces don't include kitchen, hallways and bathrooms.

Hope this is helpful!
Unregistered 06:24 PM 02-13-2008
I am looking at starting a daycare. Not sure where yet, I would like to get information on how to begin, how to apply for grants (where exactly to apply, as I have found a lot of sites, and not sure which ones are valid for actual grants to assist me), and where/how to go about licensing. SHould I get licensed for my home first? Then branch out if I get a building?

Michael 07:03 PM 02-13-2008
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