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Daycare and Taxes>Where Would Child Gate Be Filed?
Mrs. CC 06:57 PM 10-29-2011
I am entering my expenses in MMK and have a childgate I purchased to keep the DCK in the play area while we are in there and out of the kitchen while I am making meals/snacks.

How to I tag that? Is it 100% business because I wouldn't have purchased it if I wasn't watching kids in my home or is it Time and Space because we have to use it (it mounts to the wall) when DCK aren't here?

Thank you!
TomCopeland 09:02 PM 11-01-2011
If you don't have young children of your own who need a child gate, you can deduct 100% of the cost of it. Call it equipment.
Mrs. CC 11:50 AM 11-02-2011
Thank you! We have a 6 month old, but wouldn't need the gate (mounted to our wall) where it is if I didn't watch children in our house. So, will take the "aggressive" approach and call it equipment! Thank you!
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