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Heidi 07:36 AM 02-13-2012
I have 3 toddlers prone to dramatics. So, I decided to try out "the crying spot". I think I need 2!

My playroom is rather small, so having a crying spot in there isn't very helpful to the rest of the group. The cryer is pretty much right there in your face (or in this case, ears).

If I have to leave the room, I also have to put up a gate, or else everyone follows me, bringing toys with them and trashing my livingroom nearby.

I put the crying spot outside of the playroom, and, my toddlers LOVE the crying spot so much (a bench with a couple stuffed animals to hug), they PURPOSELY start crying so that they can go there...

I need a bigger playroom!

I put a bench in the livingroom
Blackcat31 07:55 AM 02-13-2012
HaHa! That is funny! I bet it is because the "crying spot" is somewhere they are not usually allowed to go. Smart kiddos!!!

If I were you, I would place the crying spot in an area that is as boring as possible and then make that spot for the older kiddos only.

I would use a PNP maybe in a different room (where no one is at) for the toddlers since they seem to find joy in anything the big kids do simply because it is out of their normal routine.
TBird 09:48 AM 02-13-2012
Oh nooooooooo...the crying spot is boooring. No entertainment....just boring. Cry dramatically if you want but it's a drag for everybody. Once kids get bored with it, they come out at their leisure....all better!!!
beachgrl 10:18 AM 02-13-2012
Haha, go figure..i just tell them to sit right near the large door to our playroom but away from everyone else until they are done and it seems to work but i just point to a spot on the floor and say "sit" , " when you are done crying you can come back and play" or sometimes I have to put them in a spot bc they get mad about having to exit but either way..they sit.

Ive also been using it for extreme screaching and screaming w the toddlers/2's bc that is their new fav thing..ugh
countrymom 06:30 PM 02-13-2012
I have a tattle toad that sits on my tv. So when they start tattling I send them to talk to the frog. But now they fight over him because they want to carry him around. they spend the time now talking to him like he's a real pet, totally defeeded my purpose.

my crying spot is a mat by the door, except there are shoes there, they love shoes, they try on everyones shoes, its very funny.
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