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Daycare and Taxes>Tax Preparer or Do Them Yourself??
Unregistered 01:17 PM 01-15-2013
The one place in my area that specializes in day care taxes is not accepting new clients this year. I have done my own for about 8 years with the help of Tom Copelands publications.
I wanted to have them done for me this year just as a double check on how I have been doing.
Do you do your own taxes or have them done??? Just curious what others do.
What if audited and I do them myself? make any difference??

Curious in ohio.
kendallina 01:49 PM 01-15-2013
I've done them myself since I opened the past three years. I would not be able to do them without Tom's books. I don't worry about being audited. I do the very best that I can and if I get audited, I get audited. Even if I made a mistake, it's not like I'd go to jail or anything, I would just have to rectify it. Not something to worry about.
Blackcat31 04:18 PM 01-15-2013
My DH and I are both self-employed. We pay a professional tax preparer to do our taxes. It costs around $200 per year.
Abigail 07:25 PM 01-15-2013
This is my first year doing daycare. Started with 4 right in January now full at 7 so I did well my first year! We are going to H&R Block because I went to a guy last year and questioned him a lot on daycare taxes and he knew a lot of information. I'm still doing my best to know what I can and can't do, but I definitely will rest assured having someone else do it. Sure it's a few hundred dollars, but their is much less stress and with my first child due within the month I don't need any more stress than trying to prep for taxes!
suehelen 10:25 AM 01-17-2013
I'm doing my own for the first time since 1997. Last year my accountant's bill was $651. It's always been high, but last year was the last straw. I'm a bit nervous, but I have a pretty good idea of what goes where so I'm taking the plunge.
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