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Zoe 04:48 PM 07-09-2011
The mother who wanted second shift has decided to sign up with me. But she wants to tell her current daycare center that she's going with me for a trial period, and if I don't work out she'll go back to the center. Personally, I don't think they're going to go for it, but whatever.

So I'm wondering now if she's really this focused on my 2 week trial period, should I even have her fill out the paperwork during this time and then have her fill everything out after the 2 weeks? Or should I have the paperwork in hand before the first day? Does anyone wait to do this?
nannyde 05:36 PM 07-09-2011
Just keep in mind that the way she is giving notice to the center is what she is going to do with you.

This doesn't look good at all. Why is she leaving the center? If she's willing to go back there she must not be having any problems.
sharlan 05:57 PM 07-09-2011
I agree.

It's like dating a married man. If he's going to cheat on his wife, he's going to cheat on you....

How people interact with previous providers is how they are going to interact with you. Be cautious.
Zoe 06:37 PM 07-09-2011
The girl goes to this center until 6pm (when they close) and then her grandparents pick her up for the rest of the evening. The grandparents can't take care of the girl anymore so she needs evening care. That is why she is leaving the center.

I do agree with you on her flightiness though. I'm taking the trial period very seriously.
AnneCordelia 07:06 PM 07-09-2011
I do not consider a spot 'filled' until the contract is signed and I have my two week deposit. Until that moment, I still have ads out, interview and could fill that spot at any moment.

So if she does go back to the center what will she do with her evenings? What's she concerned about that she's speaking this way about the trial period? Why does she think it might not work out?
littlemissmuffet 08:21 PM 07-09-2011
I do not watch any child for any amount of time without the paperwork filled out. Period.
TBird 01:30 PM 07-10-2011
Originally Posted by littlemissmuffet:
I do not watch any child for any amount of time without the paperwork filled out. Period.
EXACTLY!!! Don't ever do this...I learned the hard way once....ONCE!!!
Cat Herder 02:02 PM 07-10-2011
Your trial period is paid in advance, isn't it?

If not I am a bit nervous that it may coincide with another providers two week vacation (or notice they could not come back until their account was paid in full). YKWIM??

It would stink any way you slice it, but losing the pay as well would hurt "in the groceries", IYKWIM?
Zoe 08:05 AM 07-11-2011
I handed her all the paperwork to fill out. Her daughter has been at the center since she was an infant and only is forced to go to another daycare because her parents can't watch her at night anymore. I have the feeling it won't be a long term thing and the second her mother is well enough to watch the little girl again, she'll go right back (if the center takes her back).

I'm the only provider in town that is offering second shift care at the moment and I think that could be a good opportunity for me. I'm going to take her but be VERY strict about payment. No sliding on anything and payment in advance or no care.

I don't know why I was even considering not giving her the paperwork. Not smart. Thanks for waking me up!
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