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wahmof3 08:36 AM 11-05-2011
So I am researching different daycare programs and looking for any suggestions.

I use MMK only for the food program. I really like the price of the Pro, but I'm not sure if it has all of the features I am looking for.

I REALLY like what I see in the Sandbox program, but I'm not so sure about the cost $29/month is pricey for my income.

I found another that is around $100/year that seems ok, Home Daycare Plus.

Anyone use any of these & what are the pro's/con's............

Unregistered 01:10 AM 11-08-2011
I like daycare pro 2004 lite just started using their free trial, but so far it seems great. I especially like that you can program in reminders to keep track of everything, a problem I have, remember whats due when.
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