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kidkair 02:16 PM 12-22-2011
Just passed my relicensing visit! I'm thankful I have such a nice licensor who was considerate, fast, and praised my efforts with the kids and the way I keep the house orderly. I was also very happy to have my husband around while I went to test the smoke detector upstairs for her. It's also a carbon monoxide detector and it goes through a series of beeps and so I had my husband cover the 18 month old's ears (he hates the sound and has a double ear infection right now which makes sounds like that worse). Three years down! She asked if I'm going to become a teacher after another 2 years She asks me each time she walks in as to when I'm going to join the ranks of the teachers and have summers off. Got me thinking that I could in fact change my policies some day to having summers off and teaching preschool during the school year. Something to think about. . .
mema 03:24 PM 12-22-2011
Yay! Now you can enjoy the holidays!
I have mine in March. I need to get on that paperwork
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