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frugalmama4 06:34 PM 02-10-2012
Hello from TX,

OK, so after reading many thread's on this subject,talking to my food sponsor and other providers I realize that yes, I do need to keep accurate records.

So being the type "A" personality I put way to much thought into this...but that's who I'am I original came up with tracking attendance and meal counts myself "that proved to be to much" as all my kids arrive/leave at various times and I'm usually "feeding/changing/teaching just busy" and forget to take note of the time. So I decide to let the Parents do this upon arrival/departure...but realize the log had way to much information "parents don't need to know the be hide the scene stuff"

So on to create a new...and so after typing up the necessary information, it was just so plan "again type "A" so then I thought what else could I do with this? Then it hit me poems/inspirational quotes advertising! I will print a new form for each month w/new information listed. I THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!!! what do you think...please fee free to use either....much love!

Send me a pm w/your email and I will send it in word wouldn't let me upload as a docx
Attached: Attendance Meal Count Record.pdf (312.9 KB) Attendance Record.pdf (248.8 KB) 
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