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Unregistered 03:38 PM 05-13-2010
Do group homes have to pay minimum wage? If they do, how hard is it to break even? I don't see how it pays to run a group home, unless rates are very high.
emosks 04:25 PM 05-13-2010
I have a group home but I'm set up a little different. I am 50/50 with my best friend so we split everything. Cost of food, supplies, and all income. As it was pointed out in another post by another member I have high rates but I'm full with 12+ kids on my roster.

I'm sure if you did have a group home on your own and an assistant you would have to have them be your employee and pay business taxes as well as at least minimum wage...which I can tell you that we average just over $5 an hour each right now.
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