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Ms.Kay 05:49 PM 07-02-2019
Family signs contract in April...3yr old will start after july 4 2 days a baby will start 2 days a week in Sept when 3yr old goes to 3 days a week. Contract says any changes need to be with 2 wks notice. I family today for first time since contract and deposit. Mom says they will be keeping 3 yr old with baby this summer and will start in both in Sept. I .want to say they have voided my contract by changing start date with out notice. Needless to say it just pisses want to change what fits best.for.them without notice! My DH says to take the loss $600 for.summer and say ok. I say you broke the contract....if you want care for sept pay for summer you contracted.for.....or sign a new contract for fall with a new deposit. DH and I argue over this stuff all the time!!! DH is constantly afraid someone will take us to court!
Give it to me straight people!!
Josiegirl 03:13 AM 07-03-2019
Some people do not understand how this business is so different than most, dhs and dcfs.
I think I'd talk to the mom and tell her you're voiding her contract due to her not following it and you're now looking for clients. If she wants to keep her spot she needs to start over and pay you a nonrefundable holding fee, with the knowledge you need to fill your open spots to make daycare financially feasible. Then if someone shows interest in the spot/s, you'll have to start charging her the ft rate until they start.
There is always the possibility you hold those spots for the summer, then come Sept., she decides to stay home. Financially, where does that leave you?

Why do WE feel like the bad guys here when we're just trying to run a business so we can stay open?
Cat Herder 04:21 AM 07-03-2019
1. Unless your husband is your business partner and provides hands-on care, I'd discuss daycare issues less with him. Providers losing in small claims court is a rarity, you'd have to be egregious. This is a simple no pay = no stay issue. Nothing more.

2. I'd tell her she must pay for the two days per week until September, then five days per week following that, as tuition is not based on attendance if she wants to keep the slot. If she won't pay, she can't stay, the contract is void and deposit is forfeited. Really simple, IMHO.

3. I'd get rid of your part-time option, completely. One kid, one slot, one tuition rate, operating hours available, attend at will.

4. 2 kids sharing one slot is already luxury care, don't assume she isn't already expecting to pay.
Ariana 05:22 AM 07-03-2019
I would let her know that changing the start date has now voided the contract and you will need to discuss new terms of an agreement.

Let her know what the terms are and it is up to her to agree to them. There are so many factors at play like how easy it is to replace and the demand for care in your area, how much you need this income. Also the principle of her not giving any notice would make me rethink signing her on altogether. I might just terminate contract and keep the deposit since SHE was the one who changed it, not me. Having said that, it is up to you.

My husband is the total opposite!!
Josiegirl 06:32 AM 07-03-2019
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:

I'd get rid of your part-time option, completely. One kid, one slot, one tuition rate, operating hours available, attend at will.
This single move was one of the two best changes I ever made within my dc. Other one was charging 52 weeks a year, allowing me to take time off and not worry about scrounging for $$$.

I do understand not all areas support that though, which is sad for providers and their own physical/mental health.
Ac114 11:43 AM 07-03-2019
My husband is the same way so I have learned to not discuss any daycare matters with him. I would let her know that the contract is void and the deposit is non refundable. I would also not care for her in September because this is just a glimpse of how she will treat you once you are caring for her children.
AmyKidsCo 01:24 PM 07-09-2019
I've held infant spots over the summer without pay 3 times and was burned every single time.

Now I offer parents who want summers "off" a choice of paying a minimum PT fee to hold the spot (child can attend PT), or taking a chance there won't be an opening when they want to come back.

I'm tired of parents who don't want to pay ($600 in your case) but expect us to give up ($600) income for them.
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