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frugalmama4 05:32 PM 12-10-2012
Good Evening,

Quick question?

Does anyone required a copy of your parents drivers license and/or the number & issuing state?

I currently ask for the number on my enrollment packets (some parents fill it in...some do not) I would like to have a copy of their ID (for my safety).

Its not required by my state that I receive a copy and I don't know of any daycare centers who requires/ask for it. I don't want cause any issues with the old and new parents.

What do yall think?
ninosqueridos 05:46 PM 12-10-2012
I don't require it (neither does my state). I have all other relevant info though in case of emergency like health insurance info, emer. Contact, etc.
frugalmama4 05:59 PM 12-10-2012
Yea I have that also on the enrollment forms.

I have a provider-friend who has a sign on her office door "Look up and smile your being recorded...No entry" something like that. I get why she does it...around here most of our families come from CL and if she ever has to take someone to court.

I just don't like to enforce things like this upon forks...when me myself would be uncomfortable giving a daycare a copy of my ID. But on the other hand I do have it in my policies anyone other than the regular pick person picking up a child is required to show ID and a copy will be kept on file. Kinda funny how that doesn't bother me

Sprouts 07:38 PM 12-10-2012
I don't ask for a copy, but anyone walking into my home must show me their ID and sign in. The idea of having strangers coming into my home makes me uncomfortable , so when they see me ask for ID they know I take the security of all of my families very seriously.
Unregistered 09:47 AM 03-28-2021
In alabama in accordance to the department of human resources minimum standards for childcare, if anyone other then mom or dad comes to get a child that's in our care, we have to have them show us their ID so that we can verify they are on the pickup list or we cannot allow them to go with that person
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