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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>One More Question About Positional Asphyxia
Sunchimes 01:16 PM 12-30-2011
I decided to add a section on positional asphyxia to my new handbook, because one parent is about to have a baby, and she just looks at me funny when I try to tell her that infant carriers aren't beds.

Anyway, what about babies sleeping in your arms? I dearly love the idea of rocking him to sleep and holding him for an hour while he sleeps. Now, I wonder if this is safe? I did it to all of my grandkids, but I hadn't heard of positional asphyxia in those days.
cheerfuldom 01:53 PM 12-30-2011
It would be different because you would be right there with him and would be watching every breath, basically. However, i never rock my daycare babies to sleep or hold during naps because that habit can be very hard to break later.
Qpmomma 06:21 PM 12-30-2011
If you are holding the baby I would hope you would notice if he's not breathing or turning colors, lol.
Sunchimes 06:38 PM 12-30-2011
Good point QPMomma! I hadn't thought about that.

@Cheerfuldom-Ok, I can see that. I have never had one this young--6 months was my youngest until now. I can't rock them often enough to make a habit, but sometimes, the stars align (i.e. the other kids are napping) and I don't have anything pressing to do and can sit and rock.
teapot100 01:00 PM 01-01-2012
I think holding and rocking to sleep is more than safe! My oldest dd was a preemie and we were encouraged to do kangaroo care with her, though that was skin-to-skin contact. She was still on our chests for hours at a time. Not only was it good bonding time, we were told that it helped regulate heart rate, breathing, body temp., etc.
frgsonmysox 03:49 PM 01-03-2012
we are an extreme attached family, so we hold the child to sleep for the first 2 years or so. Absolutely safe
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