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Oneluckymom 10:50 AM 01-22-2013
I know I should have probably turned child away this AM because she looked sick. She is 16 mo. Old and has what looks like a bad cold. Caugh, runny nose, sneezing, and I took her temp it's 99.5 right now.

At what point do you call parents due to fever?
bunnyslippers 10:59 AM 01-22-2013
I usually call at the first sign of an elevated temp, but I don't make them pick up until the temp is over 100. I would call to find out if she had been medicated this morning. If she has had meds and still has a temp, I would have them come and pick up, b/c as soon as the meds wear off, that temp is going to spike!
Play Care 04:02 PM 01-22-2013
It really depends on how they are behaving. If they are playing and eating normally with a temp of 99.5 I let them be. If they are whining, fussing, acting ill, etc. I will call the parent to come get their child. I will say that they child is clearly not well, unable to participate and needs to be picked up ASAP. BUT my contract states that even without the "big 3" (fever, vomiting, diarrhea) children who are not well enough to participate in our day will be sent home and that's at my discretion.
snips&snails 12:15 AM 01-23-2013
My cut-off is 100
Blackcat31 12:59 PM 01-23-2013
My cut-off is also 100F buuuuuut, I will also take into consideration the child's mood and/or behavior.

If a child has a temp of 100F they go home....even if they are acting perfectly fine. Can't take the chances of a possible contagious illness

If a child has no temp or a mile temp under 100F and are behaving in a manner in which it is abnormal "for them", they are also sent home. Odd or out of character behavior is also a sign of the start of an illness.
itlw8 02:43 PM 01-23-2013
my state says 100 they have to go but if it is 99.5 I call and let them know so they can go ahead and make plans to come because it will soon be higher.
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