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nickb1968 04:13 AM 09-17-2007
Vacant building for lease. Formerly used as a daycare, and could provide a great opportunity for someone wanting to establish a daycare.
- It is just west of Knoxville, at 204 Emory Drive, Harriman, Tennessee 37748
- Approximately 1,900 square feet, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 separate fenced play areas.
- Will offer a rental rate WELL below market.
Multiple entrances, 2 separate central a/c units. On
Rent only $475 per month. Intro rate
phone 407-322-1607 or e-mail
Unregistered 09:48 AM 09-18-2007
How would I find stats on the pre-school age population for this area?
Unregistered 05:05 PM 09-18-2007
Here are some general census stats for Tennessee:

Total Population: 5,810,590
Number of Children aged 0-4: 388,136
Number of Children aged 5-9 years old: 367,108
Number of Children aged 10-14 years old: 390,062
Total Number of Children under 18: 1,382,806
Children under 5 as percent of population: 6.68%
Children under 18 as percent of population: 23.80%

Percent of Children Under 6 Living with Working Parents: 60.73%
Percent of Children Ages 6-17 Living with Working Parents: 67.69%

2005 Estimated State Median Income for 4-Person Families: $57,569.00
2006 Estimated State Median Income for 4-Person Families: $56,874.00

Number of Licensed/Regulated Small FCCG: 1,125
Number of Licensed/Regulated Large/Group FCCG: 686
Total Number Licensed/Regulated FCCG: 1,811
Source: The Children’s Foundation and the National Association for Regulatory Administration. (2004, August). 2004 Family child care licensing study. Washington, DC: Author.

Number of Licensed/Regulated Child Care Centers: 3,574

Head Start State Allocations: $118,216,822.00
Number of Children Participating in Head Start: 16,397
Unregistered 07:55 AM 01-04-2011
looking to lease a daycare center ..
Unregistered 12:31 PM 03-08-2011
i am looking for someone that wants to go in with me to open a daycare. i know where there is two buildings in marshall county where i live that is up to buy. i just need a partner someone tht loves daycare as much as i do. email me at
Unregistered 12:41 PM 07-07-2011
Originally Posted by james007:
Very well maintained, free standing, concrete block building with a shingle roof and fenced rear yard. Building has a battery backup fire alarm...
What part of town is your building in?
Ms. Gatison 10:58 AM 08-25-2011
I am currently looking for a childcare building in the columbus, GA area if you know of anyone who wants to lease or sale building please email me at
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