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pootmcgoot 11:06 AM 06-01-2012
Can you give me the low down on FCC? I went to their orientation and it was helpful but it didn't give me all of the information I'd like.

Generally, how much do you get paid per FT spot and PT spot? (I know it depends on the cat they are in)

Is the subsidy a pain in the butt? Are the payments unreliable?

Are inspections intense? The director of my post's FCC was really intense. Like telling us that if our oven isn't clean CLEAN then she will shut us down. Or that if there is dirt or dust on the base boards she won't approve us.

For home decor, are they really conservative? I have a huge art wall with all of my paintings in my living room (where the big play area would be). While none of them are grotesque or risque, they are on the "weird" side.

My house is a small 2 bed 1 bath duplex with a huge room for a living room/dining room and a small galley kitchen with a breakfast nook. Is it discouraged to set up the play room in your childs room?

Are you required to mop three times a day with diluted bleach?

Tax wise, is it in a pain in the butt to file as self employed?

All in all could you tell me about your experiences? I searched but FCC Army resulted with no results.
Blackcat31 12:25 PM 06-01-2012
I do not have any advice for you as I am not on any type of miltary base but I just wanted to say that I think there are a few providers on the board who may be and they will probably be able to help you out and find answers to your questions.

Just didn't want you to think there was no one out there.....
pootmcgoot 12:29 PM 06-01-2012
I hope so. Seems FCC is a whole different breed. If I lived off Post I'd not have to be certified.
Daycare Diva 10:29 AM 06-04-2012
I am an FCC HOME but I am Navy. You should have a monitor that can answer all your questions and help you get set up so that you will be approved when you are inspected.
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