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Parents and Guardians Forum>Daycare w/ Autism Training Needed in Brooklyn Park, MN
Unregistered 07:31 PM 06-09-2010
Does anyone know of any good day cares or other resources for families of children on the
Autism Spectrum in or close to Brooklyn Park, MN?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
jen 06:57 AM 06-10-2010
Hi! Have you checked with Childcare Resource and Referral? They should be able to help you find someone with those qualifications! Good luck!
Unregistered 01:53 PM 06-15-2010
Thanks, Jen!
Unregistered 03:13 PM 08-03-2012
I am a foster parent in Brooklyn park and I have parented several youth with autism. I want to start doing day care out of my home starting soon. Please call if interested 763 443-9292
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