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slpender 10:20 AM 10-18-2012
I know someone was looking for a help sheet my local quality mentor sent me one here is the link

please let me know it you have trouble with the link I can email it to you.
Heidi 10:44 AM 10-18-2012
Thank you so much! That will be very helpful when I have my next rating!
Leanna 10:46 AM 10-18-2012
Love this! Thank you so much for sharing! It is really helpful to have it all spelled out in list format!
slpender 10:48 AM 10-18-2012
It has really helped me this past week. I am working on getting my classroom set up. This is my 1st time doing it.
slpender 11:02 AM 10-18-2012
For those of you that have had a fccers before do all the art supplies have to be out all the time I have 3 girls that are 2 yrs old and 2 infant boys 2 mnths & 3 mnths. The girls are not really into art yet these are the issues I have with the art supplies.

1 girl paints her arms and face everytime she is given paint
the girls tend to wonder when given scissors so I work one on one with them
My 2 year old still colors on everything except paper just to push my buttons
They tend to taste the play dough at time.
they twist the glue stick all the way out until it breaks.

I have been working on them with these things but it has been a slow process 2 of them are new to the childcare setting they both started in Sept.

AS soon as one child is done they are all done they follow each others lead,

What would be a good project to have out when they are here?
Michael 12:35 PM 10-18-2012
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