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MomInAz 09:05 AM 07-23-2010
I live in AZ - Where I am allowed to offer care for 4 children without a license. (However in the future I would eventually like to start my own licensed daycare business.) Right now I live in what many people would call the "boonies" complete with dirt roads and about 40 minutes from the REAL town. With the current housing market, we cannot sell our house right now to move closer to town. My question is this. Would it be feasable to rent an inexpensive apartment or small house in town and offer home childcare from there? Would it still be legal to do it that way as long as I stay within the limit of 4 children?? Per child per month average is $500-$600. Any advice? Ideas?
swaddlebees 11:35 AM 07-23-2010
It seems like it would be fine, but it also seems like there is no way you could break even paying for the rent and electricity/water/sewer/trash plus furnishings for a seperate place only having 4 kids in care.
Pammie 01:08 PM 07-23-2010
In many states/counties, if you are offering home-daycare (which is what caring for 4 children unrelated to you would be), it has to be out of your primary residence.
Your best bet would be to call your licensing office and ask!
Former Teacher 07:28 PM 07-23-2010
I would suggest that if you decide to rent an apartment (or even a house) to check the lease. We rent an apartment and according to our lease we can not run home based businesses (such as childcare). Something to do with no businesses that involve clients coming and going.

Good luck!
Daycare in New jersey 06:27 AM 07-24-2010
In the state of new jersey our family daycare can only be at our primary residence. And from time to time they make home visits.
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