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QualiTcare 10:07 AM 11-08-2010
What ever happened to that thread?

Anyway, I'm getting my daughter a way too expensive American Girl doll for christmas and i'd like to buy a "lot" of clothing/accessories if anyone has any to part with.

I have so many toys lying around in perfect shape. I have one of those Elmo dolls that was like $75 new (the one that kisses) and I swear it was played with maybe two times. Such a waste. Anyone else looking to buy/sell anything?

Sorry if this is an illegal thread. I know there was one before, but I couldn't find it.
Unregistered 08:09 AM 11-09-2010
If you can sew at all, there are lots of patterns out there for AG doll clothes. I recently discovered this idea and have made a few things. If not, check ebay. There are always lots of clothing and accesory lots on there. Also, Wal-Mart and Target both offer a doll that is the same size as the AG doll and have clothes that fit them. They are fairly good quality and much cheaper. The dolls are so expensive, you have to save where you can. Hope your daughter enjoys her doll! Mine certainly do.
QualiTcare 11:33 AM 11-09-2010
i was looking around online yesterday and found the doll you're talking about i think (madame alexander) at for $20! i called my daughter over to look and she shouted, "AMERICAN GIRL!" i ordered THREE of those dolls for $60 instead of one AG doll for $100! if it turns out she still wants a "real" american girl - i'll just break down and do it for her birthday.

but then i was checking ebay for a doll bed - and USED beds are anywhere from 50-100 dollars! i'm not rich, nor poor, but i'm also not crazy! i used to make barbie doll water beds with ziploc baggies lol. i might have to just show her how we did things before parents lost their minds!
momofsix 10:21 AM 11-10-2010
i got the bunk beds for my girls from target too. I don't remember how much but no where near that cost. Our 3 oldest got real AG dolls when they turned 8, our 3 youngest got the Target brand-there was just no way to afford them at the time We did not buy ANY original AG accesseries though-they all came from Target and from local Craft Shows--much cheaper!
Most of the stuff my girls had they are "saving for their own children"--they just don't want to part with it! I'll check with them if there's anything they want to get rid of-and if there is i'll let you know and you could just have it-not sure about shipping though if it's heavy stuff?
countrymom 10:30 AM 11-10-2010
I want to take my dd to the store, is it located in chicago. I think my dd would love it so much, it would be a crazy experience.
momofsix 11:56 AM 11-10-2010
Originally Posted by countrymom:
I want to take my dd to the store, is it located in chicago. I think my dd would love it so much, it would be a crazy experience.
Just don't go during spring break--it's CRAZY! But yeah, it is a fun place to visit! We went before they moved it to the watertower place, not sure if there's much difference-hopefully more room!
AnythingsPossible 12:27 PM 11-10-2010
My girls each paid for half of their doll using christmas money. Once their cousins saw them, they wanted them too, so I got them ones the next christmas from Target. The quality is decent for a doll. The hair isn't as silky as the AG dolls, but after time, I don't think it matters. Some of their friends have also gotten the Target dolls, and they all refer to them as American Girl. My daugther has been taking a sewing class and has been working on clothes for her doll. Looking forward to making them and not buying them. I purchased a bunkbed for them off of Amazon last christmas, I believe it was 39.00.
QualiTcare 01:34 PM 11-10-2010
thanks, momofsix!

i have paypal or i could send a money order/check...something! IF they decide they want to give anything up.

if my daughter was older and had been reading the books and had friends that had the dolls, etc. then i'd care more about it being authentic, but the only reason she wants one is bc we got a catalog in the mail and me being stupid and thinking, "aww, i loved american girl," i have to say, "LOOK! do you like these dolls?" of course i never had one so u know how that goes. plus, my kids don't value anything. they'll be happy when they get something and you can find it lying outside in the dirt a few hours later (not literally, but u know what i mean)... MY FAULT - i know.

the target dolls do seem nice though - and i actually think they're cuter bc they don't have the buck teeth like the AG dolls. nobody can pull off a generic Barbie, but i think target did pretty good with AG!
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