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KayB 06:14 AM 01-17-2020
Does anyone have a Plan of Action they can share with me for when a child continues to hurt another child? TIA!!
rosieteddy 06:47 AM 01-17-2020
Separate the offending child.I set up a playspace gated and everytime they hurt remove them and ignore.Spend your time attending to the hurt child.I found sometimes especially in winter we needed more provider led activities.We started the morning with table activities,then snack, story time shorter free play.I was lucky to then have a change of scenery and we cleaned up and went upstairs and out for a walk.Then I would have them run races or march around to music.It was more exhausting for me but did cut down on the hitting.Good luck.
Blackcat31 07:01 AM 01-17-2020
I am similar to what RosieTeddy said. I separate and remove from group.

Hurting others is something I take very seriously and my stern voice and body language says this. If there is no change or improvement I would not keep the child.

Physical aggression is just not something I ever excuse no matter what age.
Cat Herder 07:36 AM 01-17-2020
Here are some behavior plan templates:
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