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LITTLESTARS 07:00 AM 02-25-2020
hello all its almost spring cant wait for the warmer days

so I interviewed a parent last Wednesday mom loved the program dad wasn't in the interview though and mom did say a comment of how picky dad is about home daycares. I went through all my policies in my handbook,

mom called me today asking me if I can make a second interview but for dad... i didn't refuse i just let her now that i have 3 other families interested in the program and to let me now as soon as possible. ( the max i wait for a family to make up their minds is 1 week after that i assume they found childcare else were) .

then she told me that her child was diagnosed with mild autism , which is no problem because i have and had children with autism before,.

her questions was.

how do i go about services for autistic children ?

i used to have in daycare therapies 5 days a week for 3 hours for one child once that child finished i wasn't going to be providing therapies in the program , its just to stressful for the other children i have mixed age groups im licensed for 10 and i do work with an assistant full time but i really don't have the space to accommodate,

how would i go about this without sounding mean or insensitive?

the child will get all the program offers home cooked meals
activities, outside play , potty training etc. all that a good home daycare should offer. but i really don't want any therapies here i have learned the hard way.
dolores 07:29 AM 02-25-2020
I would say to mom that you aren't able to accommodate therapists in your program and it would be best that she finds one that can. Then I would tell her to contact the early intervention program to get a list of daycares/preschools that can support child. We had a mom who had her son evaluated through early childhood intervention and was able to get him into a preschool that has onsite special needs teachers and therapists.
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