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Jenniferdawn 06:01 PM 11-08-2011
I'm trying to decide whether or not I should do an enrollment fee and if I do one, how much is typical? What are the benefits?
misspollywog 06:25 PM 11-08-2011
I was wondering the same thing! I have plenty of supplies for the kiddos so not sure what I'd spend it on. It would basically be just "free money" I guess?

Looking forward to the answers.
daycare 07:29 PM 11-08-2011
It depends on what you want it to cover.

When I interview new families, I print out my PHB, contracts, state papers, and potty training policy if needed. I also put it in a nice folder along with a super cute cover that I have made. It cost me a total of about $3.50 for each one.

Then there is the time that it will take you to enroll the new child if you are licensed and the time it will take you to enroll in the food program, plus food program paper work if you also participate in that.

I then will have to buy a new cubby box for the new child. Usually my kids are here awhile, so they get torn or damaged over the years.

HOWEVER, I don't charge an enrollment fee. I use this is my advertising ploy...

Zero enrollment seems to work well.....
wdmmom 08:58 PM 11-08-2011
I'm in my 3rd year and after seeing the costs associated with doing interviews including my time, I now charge a $50 enrollment fee per child. This covers my time spent on interviews, printing all of the paperwork, etc.

I'm not charging a supply fee of $50 on their anniversary month each year. This covers the cost of new toys, equipment, crafts, movies, activities, etc.
Crystal 09:21 PM 11-08-2011
Originally Posted by Jenniferdawn:
I'm trying to decide whether or not I should do an enrollment fee and if I do one, how much is typical? What are the benefits?
I can tell you, in the Sacramento area, it is not typical for providers to charge an enrollment fee.
nannyde 06:25 AM 11-09-2011
60 dollars per child.

Pays for the interviewing and to establish their files and paperwork. It's non refundable.
mismatchedsocks 07:26 AM 11-09-2011
No enrollment fee here.

I have started emailing the paperwork and having parents print it out to bring. Even forms.

I keep all kids paperwork in own folder (5 cents) and have big cubby for them to use. If I have an opening I have a spot for you. Also if I have opening then I have a cot and cot sheet for you. They get new name tag ( 5 cents each) and a new lanyard ( $1) with nametag on it. Not sure what other "start up" costs a child has.

My weekly fees include any art, food, formula, field trips, fun etc. Parents supply diapers, wipes, clothes.
Jenniferdawn 07:54 AM 11-09-2011
Thanks everyone. I think for now since I am just starting, I like the route of advertising no enrollment fee, especially since it seems the norm here in Sacramento. I need to get some kids in here!
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