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Unregistered 06:57 PM 12-09-2010
I have had the same day care provider for the last year or so and just yesterday, while I was in a meeting for work, she claimed that she needed to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, I was not available to take this message and she neglected to call any of the 4 other people that I had provided her with for contacts. During this time she placed the care of my child under someone that I did not know. Apparently, this person had a meeting at 3 and left my child alone in her house for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes until my original daycare provider returned, at which point she refuses to talk on the phone to anyone, and is having her Fiancée speak with all of the parents, which he will not relinquish any information as to who was watching my child during this time. She had also neglected to tell anyone of her problems in the morning when they dropped the children off to her to take care of.

Is this against the state's regulations?
SilverSabre25 07:11 PM 12-09-2010
Umm, that's just plain against the law--not leaving the children with someone you don't know, but that they were left alone. You should probably call the police about it.

In an extreme emergency, I would leave my dcks with my next-door neighbor, whom my dcps don't know--but I'm talking the kind of emergency with blood/guts/bones sticking out/life or death type of thing with no time to wait for parents or back up care to arrive. That, no probably not against regulations. The leaving them alone...that's illegal.
kendallina 08:44 PM 12-09-2010
WHOA! Yeh, it's illegal for her to leave your child alone. Call the police, licensing and find a new provider. Yikes!
momofsix 08:53 PM 12-09-2010
In my state (MI) I'm required to have someone nearby to be a back-up in case of an emergency. My parent do happen to know this person, but it just works out this way. It would be MY job as a provider to make sure the person I have for emergence back-up is not some crazy psycho that would leave kids alone. That is so wrong on so many levels Call and report her to licensing and the back up person to the police!
Did your child tell you that the children were left alone? Can your child tell you where the person lives, or who it is?
jen 07:09 AM 12-10-2010
Is this a licensed daycare provider? If so, you should contact the licensing agency for your area.
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