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Old 05-18-2014, 01:25 PM
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Default Bestest Interview....

I am rather full but I got a message from one of my parents saying a friend was looking for Sept. PT 2 days a week. Well. I have one child who attends three days and this actual mom who attends 2-3 days. So thinking maybe I could squeeze the new mom in as a favor, I tell her to contact me. But no promises cause I am really actually full. Just did interviews all week for summer and fall. Ok....

Spoke to mom on the phone. Seems very nice. She seems to be in a rush for an interview which I find odd since she isn't looking until Sept. But I squeeze her in on Thur night cause she wants to come ASAP. She wants to come after work. I know, from the job location and where her child is and the time, and figure that she is expecting to come without child. Noooooo. Sorry. Child must attend interview. This should have been my red flag right there!

Mom comes. Sweet lady. I really like her. Son is, well, something else. He is loud. Rude. Demanding. Out of control. Won't listen. Won't follow directions. Ignored his mother. The whole sha-bang

Mom spends the interview holding on to him and trying to keep him in line. You can see she is trying to chat but looking on the corner of her eye at him the whole time and being totally stressed out in the process. I actually feel kinda bad for her. She points out that my yard isn't fenced and he 'is a runner' and how nice I am not on a major road. LOL. Ok...really? The poor mom is just hitting strikes the whole way. I explain I set clear rules. Black and white. Do not follow them. No rewards. Simple. He won't run. Cause should he attempt it, he can stay inside with the infants instead. Cause only big boys who listen and are good get to go outside and play on the big kid playground. (you know how it works, etc etc etc). Mom is ok with the whole convo and interview. Seems like she is trying to cut it short though cause the child is stressing her out and she is trying to make a good impression. Smiling but behind that smile is one freaked out mom! It isn't working well.

Time to leave and mom tells him to clean up the toys. He refuses. He takes out more. Tells her no. Tells her he doesn't want to. He is staying. If ever there was a learning moment with a time out in store, that was it. But I stand back and watch as mom tries her best to handle it. She is losing. I step in and try redirecting. Making it a game to clean up and race me upstairs. The childs tude is clearly flipping me the bird and letting me know he could care less. He isn't MY child or even MY daycare child and so a time out isn't in order otherwise someone would have been sitting!!

We finally get him upstairs and mom wants to know if he can start ASAP. What happened to Sept? Well. Maybe he needs to come now!!! Ya think?? Only I am full. Summer is coming and I have no space right now. Which is good. It gives me an out. It would be a moment of complete desperation for me to consider this child!! He is only two days and would bounce around to family members the rest of the time. AND dad has a week off a month and the child would not be attending that week. He would attend a total of 6 days. This all means no stability and no concept of rules and starting all over again each time he showed. No. I felt like telling her to take some parenting classes and get back to me in Sept!! I will be full in Sept too just in case you had to ask. So convenient. But I have to say, this is the first interview in a loooong loooong while, that I actually felt bad for a parent! That was one of the worst and awkward moments ever!
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Old 05-18-2014, 02:03 PM
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Another reason I hate interviews, some are such a waste of time when clearly you would never take this child! At least you did your part by holding the interview. She asked for Sept. Oops, you're full!
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