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MommyD 10:02 AM 07-28-2011
Would you charge extra and how much for a parent to drop off before you were open.

The dcm is interviewing for a new job that would involve a 50+ minute communte, even longer with snow and bad traffic days. I am assuming she would have to start around 8 (school related position). I open at 7. I am making an exception for one time for her for the interview, but wondering what I should say if she gets the job. The dcd starts at 6 or 6:30, so that is not an option for him to drop off. I already know I am not extending their hours later, as 4pm is plenty of time for the dcd to pick up in the afternoon, he is usually done at 2:30 with 30 min. commute to my place. Sometimes he works overtime, hence the later pick-up time.
Auntie 01:04 PM 07-28-2011
Do you want to keep this child? Are they a good fit for you? Do you need this spot filled?
Maybe charge her a 5 dollar an hour early drop off fee ontop of what she is paying you. You have already accommodated them to with a later pick up time.
Is this the type of family that will keeping on wanting more from you without having to pay?
wdmmom 01:07 PM 07-28-2011
I wouldn't even discuss it if she doesn't have the job. It's a moot point. She could say she got the job, never did and is padding daycare. Not a good deal.

IF and WHEN she in fact gets the job, bring it to the table. Tell them you're expectations, rate, etc. Until then, don't agree to anything.
MarinaVanessa 01:08 PM 07-28-2011
I agree with the $5 an hour extra charge. That translates to an extra $25 a week on top of whatever they pay you now if they are ft mon through fri. That's what I charge too. It's enough for me to want to get up an hour earlier on a regular basis.
daycare 01:14 PM 07-28-2011
My new rule for extra hours/over time.

Your rate is based off of 9.5 hours of care. over 9.5 hours of care will be charged at the rate of $7.00 per hour per child. You must arrange over time 24 hours in advance with provider, otherwise you will be billed at the rate of $1.00 per min for each min that you are early dropping off or late picking up.

Should the DC need to open early or late for your child to be in attendance there will be a $10.00 daily fee for both. This includes any time before 7:45 am or after 6:00 pm.

so I would charge $10.00 just to open early even if it was only 10 min plus the rate of $7.00 an hour if they went over 9.5 hours...
MommyD 07:02 PM 09-06-2011
Thanks everyone for your replies to this a while back!

The mom did not get the job, so it was a moot point.

I appreciate the support and information in case the issue were to come up again in the future!!

Thank you,
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