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MJM58 06:32 PM 11-04-2011
Firstly, sorry for posting this here. I think this might be the wrong section, but I honestly wasn't sure where to post it, because I'm neither a daycare provider nor a parent/guardian.

I have a few (well, many, actually) questions, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer them.

I'm an 18-year-old guy. I love children very much, and I hope to be a parent one day (and maybe go into child psychology for a career). But I admittedly don't have much experience with young children. I'd like to get some experience though. I just have a few questions:

- I really don't have much experience with children. I had younger siblings while I was growing up, and I would babysit them sometimes, but I really don't remember much. If I volunteered at a daycare center, would they be willing to train me?

- Also, I've heard from some people that a license is required even to volunteer at a daycare center? Is this true?

- Would I be able to choose which age range of children to work with? If so, what do you recommend I choose?

- A lot of parents don't like the idea of a guy working at their child's daycare center. Would I even be able to volunteer at a daycare center?

- If I was, would there be certain regulations? Like, would I not be allowed to change diapers? Not complaining at all if that's the case, haha.

- Speaking of diapers, how many diapers does the average daycare worker change?

- What would my responsibilities be during the first couple of weeks I volunteer?

Thank you so much in advance!!
LittleD 11:13 AM 11-05-2011
I'm not sure where you are and if it makes a difference. I'm in Canada, I know for here, you would need a police record check, because you are over 18. Parents may be leery to have an 18 yr old male watching their children if he is alone with them, because most 18 yr old guys, are more interested in playing video games rather then having anything to do with kids. If you plan on offering yourself to a center based daycare, it's really up to them what they will have you do. I don't think there would be a regulation on changing diapers, but I don't know. I wouldn't expect that you would have to do that.
Pretty much just watch and learn. If I were you, I would make sure you chat with the parents, maybe share some activities you did with their child. Reading this forum, and the curriculum section, will give you an idea how to teach through play.
Volunteering can sometimes lead to a permanent position. If that's what you want, make sure to be helpful and courteous to the workers/parents/directors. If you aren't sure of anything, ask questions.
As for how many diapers get changed in a day, it's hard to say. I would say anywhere from 3-7 per kid per day! Depends on how long they are there, I guess.
daycare 02:25 PM 11-05-2011
It depends on what state you are in..

I am in CA. here you would not need a lic to volunteer, however, you will need to have a recent negative TB test, finger prints and back ground clearance. You could only assist and would not be able to be left alone with the kids. If you intended to be left alone, you would then need to have Infant CPR and first AID as well as 15 health and safety training hours...

Post the state you are in and maybe someone will chime in to answer your questions

P.S. If I were to hire an asst. I would hire a man in a heartbeat.....
Michael 03:16 PM 11-05-2011
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