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Daycare and Taxes>Ohhh...Tom...???
Childminder 11:32 AM 01-24-2012
Here is a question for Tom, our tax guru; Where do I put a camera security system? $350? Under Furniture/ Appliances/ play equipment/carpet? half is inside and the rest is outside the house? What depreciation method and convention? -_- (I'll never get it straight) Also, we never would have purchased it for personal use can I put it all under daycare or should I put it under shared.

Thank You for being the go to for this information.
wdmmom 12:47 PM 01-24-2012
I just did this!

We purchased the camera to observe the kids while napping and so I can see parents pull in the driveway.

I listed it under "Business Equipment" and from what I understand, it is 100% deductible if used solely for business.
Michael 01:56 PM 01-24-2012
This should answer it from a previous thread from Tom:
TomCopeland 03:08 PM 01-25-2012
This would considered 7 year property that would normally be depreciated. However, you can use the 100% bonus depreciation rule and deduct 100% of the cost on Form 4562, line 14.
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