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MrsCoffee 05:08 AM 02-23-2010
Do the toys on the ground take away room the floor space you need? I need 210 sq feet for my daycare. I am curious about the floor space, I know that my furniture will be subtracted but wheat about the toys? I am the Michigander I already went to orientation and this question totally slipped my mind. I was planning on submitting my complete compliance but am going to give myself a little more time.
Crystal 06:11 AM 02-23-2010
In Ca. things like the shelves and kitchen set, etc. count as part of the floor space being used and mean you need additional sq. footage for them. If they are toys that children move around, they don't count.
Unregistered 08:24 AM 02-24-2010
I am also from MI and when they came out to my home they measured from one wall to the other wall and whatever that space was is what they used to determine my floor space. They didn't subtract furniture, toys, entertainment cntr., etc. But I may have a different consultant than you. Also make sure your water temp is at proper readings because she checked mine with a thermometer (thank goodness I was within range).
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